Giving Back

Cresco as a business passionately believes in ‘giving back’. Below are two organisations that are supported with advice, time and expertise.

Cresco founder, Sarah Perrott, is currently serving as the President  having  been the Membership Secretary of BAPT (British Association of Psychological Type) for three years. BAPT is a charitable organisation that aims to promote knowledge and can give fascinating insights. The study of Type looks at our psychological preferences, how we go about life (Jungian type) – which includes adaptations such as Myers-Briggs – and why we do the things we do (Enneagram type). Understanding Type can give fascinating insight that can benefit both our professional and personal lives. As well as holding an annual conference, BAPT issues a magazine, holds webinars and workshops, and offers extensive online resources for practitioners and enthusiasts alike.

Sarah is the current Chair of Coaches at NEF (New Entrepreneur Foundation), a non-profit founded in 2010 which aims to transform UK business by developing the entrepreneurial leaders of the future.

The Foundation runs a unique 12-month training programme for young entrepreneurs, including paid placements with high growth start-ups, business support and education, and coaching and mentorship. As of 2017, the current alumni have launched a number of innovative start-ups with 62 currently live.